Mi 的靓照

好久没有在这上载东西了,但是 Mi 也没有什么新闻,所以我也没有什么好写的。

这些日子 Mi 偶尔会为广告商代言,进而有一些靓照。我前些日子就用这些靓照来做我的 FB 的 cover page。 就是下面这张啦!照片是经过几次修改,但是这张我打算长期留在 FB 上。



Sammi -Timeline-Cover 5

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WallpaperZ: Warriors

Had the sudden urge to make a wallpaper of sammi. After all, this site has to depend on original contents le ma.

My focus is on sammi, so… haha… only Mi’s name on it. ;P

Not really good in photoshop or wallpaper-making, but at least quite my style lol I liked the lens flare function, cos it’s cool and easy to create. Unlike other effects, which looked so-so hehe…

sammi wallpaper, Warrior of Destiny 1280x800

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