Lady Cop and Papa Crook


It’s true this time round…

In fact, the show has been in cinemas for the past week now, so the screening is a fact. But its exposure is not wide. In GV, the show is only available on 3 screens, and the more ulu screens. The main push was by Cathay and then Eng Wah, partly cos Cathay, as a HK company, supports ‘national’ products ba…

The review was definitely mixed; I-weekly condemned it to the max, while many HK magazines praised it for its lightness. There was one common thing, though: The pace was too awkward.

For I-weekly, I was almost ready to accept its bad review (I had not watched the show), but after reading its equally condemning review on Red Cliff 2, I decided that the reviewers were just pompous pricks trying to give an image of ‘class and knowledge’.

She condemned a scene where Sun Shang Xiang stripped naked in front of all her male generals. She asserted that it’s absurd cos in that era, such acts would not be condoned, REASON being, women are ‘lower class’. I think the reviewer has been too brainwashed by Western Culture.

It is a fact that women are deemed inferior in ancient China, but most of the people were not as learned than now. Most guys would place sex before anything else (except perhaps food), explicitly and they would abandon all Confucius teachings (which was nationalized, but still in its infancy in terms of adoption) when presented with a naked women. This made me believe that the only absurd thing about the scene was how liberal SSX was. But come to think of it, don’t ancient people like to bathe openly in rivers? hmmmm…

Another criticism was that Zhou Yu only bothered to ask how his wife was after breaking into Cao Cao’s camp. The reviewer thought his mind should be on the war itself. But frankly speaking, few people in war would think about how the war turned out, and would instead be concerned about more humane stuff, like the well-being of their closed ones (family, buddies). Not to mention that Zhou Yu himself was also a sentimental man himself, as expressed openly in the 1st ep. And then, logically, his attack would have been considered ‘Good’ if he managed to break into opposition’s camp and meet up with his wife. If he wanted to discuss how good his attack went out, he would have asked people like Zhuge Liang than his wife, right?

Basically, my reading of the I-weekly reviews made me conclude that the reviewers were just jumping to conclusion, and in a typical sg-ean way, condemns everything that they could not put their finger on, or things that do not fit their stereotyping of the world. It extends from my observation during teaching and reading online local articles that sg-eans like to criticize things that falls out of the area that they don’t know, rather than the scientific way of criticizing based on what they know.


Back to the show, it fared well in HK (only), becoming the No 1 show on 1 Jan 2009 (its opening). It actually beat 梅兰芳 by 250%. I guess this phenomena is unique to territory. In China, 梅兰芳actually did better than LCPC, which I think is due to the fact that the former was… well a cheena topic they are familiar with. Overall, it was rumoured that LCPC had accumulated takings of more than HK10million in 6 days, which made it fare as well as 孤男寡女, which in its time overturned the bleak impression of HK movies. But of cos, since then, HK movies picked up momentum again (with sammi’s subsequent movies faring even better), which will make th.

Anyways, that does not mean I myself will watch LCPC lah. haha… If I am not wrong, of all the movies sammi starred in, I only watched 百分百感觉,孤男寡女,夏日的麽麽茶 and 长恨歌 in cinemas. I watched the rest on VCDs. haha… Initially, I did not watch much cos I was a penniless student, then it was due to the fact that only 1 person in my social circle liked sammi and even that, he was not interested to spend so much money to watch her shows.

Well well… I just want people to know the existence of this show, that it can be watchable (do not believe everything you read from local mainstream publications). Perhaps when it gets released on DVDs, we can watch it together in CNY gatherings 🙂

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那。。。 和《孤男寡女》有什么关联?

我们纳闷应该做些什么,于是我把我随身携带的《孤男寡女》 VCD 掏出来,逼着大家 ‘观赏’。虽然我之前已经看了N次,但是我依然吵着他们 ‘陪’ 我看。






说真的,平时听每个人都在那里 ‘I Love U’ 来 ‘U Love Me’ 的,还真的有点闷。幸好电影中没有这种老掉牙的戏码,只有Andy 在结尾时应验了Sammi 在电影开端时许下的心愿,对后者说:I Need You。



但是两个人要真正能够长久地相处,就必须要填补他们彼此的生命。当一个人发现身边的人已经融入他的生命,让他无法释怀,无法在没有他的日子继续活下去;当他发现他需要的就只有一个人的时候,这就是现代人对 ’爱‘ 的定义,不是吗?

看完VCD 后,我们一同离开。好像是除去吃晚饭,具体的细节已经很模糊了。但是我们走在他家附近的 MRT 轨道下,过着仿佛全世界就只有我们的存在最重要的时刻。那时翰就对我说:其实我不喜欢吃XXX的炸鸡。

我当下感到十分不好意思,因为买那样食物当庆生礼是我的主意,我却在决定的当儿忘了这个他曾经对我透露的喜恶;我也明知道他不喜欢 Sammi 还在他家要求看 Sammi 的电影。似乎这个寿星公根本都没有得到他所喜欢的庆生方式。



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