Love Mi 宣言

Love Mi 世界巡回演唱会香港站的 DVD 预计 2月9日发行,DVD 却未发行,先引起轰动,但此轰动非彼轰动。

DVD 封面初次曝光,也不知道是不是最后敲定的封面,但是此设计欠缺理想,引来两派米饭的强烈争论。

到底我们应该反对唱片公司求其次的表现,还是接受 ‘内容已经很好’,不应该再咄咄逼人的态度?

even this petition poster made by a fan looked more decent than the cover

说实在的,DVD 内容真的是满足了许多米饭的要求:新年倒数片断,足本收录整场演唱会,还附加尾场(也就是我出席的那场)演唱会的两次 encore。除了少收录嘉宾的片断,但很多米饭都认为我们要看的是 Mi,其他闲杂人等有没有收在里面不重要。


少了嘉宾是嘉宾的事,Mi 的 DVD 封面设计欠缺美感,这可关系到 Mi 的声誉!

我就在米缸论坛里发表了我爱 Mi 的宣言:


虽然说内容重要,但我们不能蒙眼睛,只看我们觉得好看的。这样求其次的人生态度,我想 Mi 也不会赞同。

不是要唱片公司做到最好,满足所有米饭的要求;只是希望所有关于 Mi 的 ‘产品’ 都有用过心去经营。

就像 Hope Boxset 一样,看得出有费一番心思去设计,我们就算认为再贵也会买,而且买来送朋友,经过的时候也可以放心地指着喊: ‘Mi 的 Boxset!’ 也不怕朋友笑说 Mi 的产品设计和概念不够专业。

至于 DVD 设计欠 ’美感‘,就算出来了,内容再好我也不好意思介绍给朋友;就算内容好到一传十,十传百,买回家的非米饭也不会把 DVD 摆出来,炫耀自己拥有这款 DVD。

我爱 Mi,就也要能够自豪地宣扬我对她的爱。我希望能够在非米饭面前大声说出我对 Mi 的爱的时候,他们心里会想:“虽然我没有像你那么喜欢 Mi,但是我得承认她的作品都很有水准。”

我对 Mi 的爱很自私,但是这就是我对她的爱。

Mi 有今天,也是因为她的努力;我不想看见她的努力就如此而已。

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 03 Feb 2010

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Faith by Sammi Reviewed

I suppose this is a little bit early for an album review. 1 week? Too short… But I would like to take a new approach to reviewing this album, that is, my take of the album week by week. So… By the time this entry is posted, I supposed the 2nd edition would be out liaoz. hee*

Pre-Release – The 1st Plugs

I have briefly shared my thoughts on the songs made public before the official album release date, but it’s time to re-visit those thoughts. The songs were: 《罪与罚》、《结果》、《信者得爱》.

《罪与罚》 was a rather ‘high standard’ song, which was elegant despite being hip-hop and rap (which was usually associated with crime and vulgarities). It was like a clone of 《爱是。。。》 released way back in 2000, where all Mi did was to sing a few lines, interjected by chunks of rap by ‘pro’ HK rappers. The central theme of 《罪与罚》 has taken a ‘high stance’, in a way that it talked about redemption through the eyes of The Fallen. Mi took the perception of a 3rd party who looked at them with compassion, while the rappers recounted the lives of The Fallen through their dependance on drugs and thoughts of suicide.

I never really saw the ‘climax’ of the song until the English version, Forgiveness, was released the day before the album was released.

The composers also handled Forgiveness like they did with the Canto version, although now the rappers have taken on the role of The Fallen, The Counsellor and The War Veteran, to lament about the atrocities of this modern world, which was mainly Excess, Drugs and War. Like I mentioned before, the only fault of the song was the weird accents the rappers had when they rapped. I still prefer ang-moh slang rather than cheena slang.

Forgiveness was supported only by Mi’s vocals, which was like a gunshot through the silence. It was here, at the bridge, that I heard the climax, when she sang ‘Save me, Lord, I never meant to be this way; I’ve given up almost everything and all I had was pain’. The central theme of the song is, yes, Pain. The pain of The Fallen, and the pain of those who loved them who looked upon them in vain.

Forgiveness also gave a chance for a comparison with other rap songs like those done by BEP. In comparison, yes, it pales in comparison in terms of the lyrics. Those raps like BEP, like Shut Up, had constant interaction between the Male and the Female, the Singer and the Rapper. But the rap can do without the singing and the singing without the rap in Forgiveness. Or let’s compare with something nearer. Da Mouth’s song, like 《靠过来》 had the same effect of Shut Up, which added to the wholeness of the song.

《结果》 was a song completely composed by an independent, small time singer, Ivana. Again, the melody was plain. Music wise, only Mi’s singing supported the piece. And even then, Mi had to ‘play’ with different singing technics to make the song less boring. Lyrics wise, it was a satirical take on life, by describing how a person tries to shirk his responsibilities and avoid the judgement of others. Ultimately, as the title prescribed, the End is the same: You face Him for judgement.

《信者得爱》 was meant to be the theme song for Love Mi, the upcoming concert. It was a remake from a Korean song Life is Good (sounds LG, huh?). The beat was strong and Mi’s vocals too. But add in the funny talking in front… eh… They sound so slutty. Ya… They sound so Bring It On, it didn’t sound cool and strong. The Korean version was better, when the original singer rapped the starting with her low voice. It added that punch to the song. MC 任 once again rapped for Mi, after success like 《煞科》 (《眉飞色舞》) which was also like 10 years ago. (Considering how Chinese songs evolved in the decade between 1995, when Mi became uber-famous, to 2005, when Mi retreated, it’s funny how they have not evolved from 2000, when Mi was unbelievably famous to now). Somehow, after looking at his performance Live, in Mi’s concerts and in the MV, I thought he was rather loser-looking. Except for his rapping, there’s no cool factor in him at all.

Oh… Why did I go into personal attack? Given that 《信者得爱》 was supposed to warm the concert, I thought 《叮叮当》 would be a better choice. The latter sounded fun, while the former, due to the slower BPM, sounded draggy, despite the ear-pain-ing bass. But amazingly, the lyrics, despite tackling social issues, did not sound boring. hmmm…

“无线都不播我的歌,不播都卖 6 万张了,不播咯!”

Week 1 – 《不要惊动爱情》

When I got my hands on the album, I looked forward to listening to the song 《不要惊动爱情》, which was previewed with a small segment, and attracted me with the singing and the title. I mean, people in the literary world are always looking for different ways to describe the same thing, and I though the title was a very good attempt at describing crushes.

《不要惊动爱情》 was also the 1st song (since Warner era, I dare say) Mi sang on crushes. She was able to go from very sweet from the starting, to controlled bursts of energy during chorus. The frustration within such crushes and the enlightenment could be felt throughout the song. That controlled burst of energy was the very focus of controlling one’s frustrations through one’s beliefs, and was aptly adopted into words by the verse 爱要驯服过才精彩。In an era where movies were blasting the idea of love having to be all drama-mama, full of declaration and about the courage to embrace and let go, we tend to forget that the ones that last were those that were embraced through careful management.

Melody wise, I thought was bland. Verse A was not catchy and the chorus sounded like another of Mi’s songs. But considering that the song was not composed by the kind of people with high standards that Mi would usually employ (she adapted it for herself), it was forgive-able. After all, whenever Mi sang other people’s songs, the focus was always on how she could fill it with her style, making a point that she could take it to another level that the original singer could not. That controlled burst of energy, let me tell you, cannot be simply replicated by any of the young female singers these days, not even Stefanie Sun.

Week 2 – Feelings

Moving on to Wk 2, I stopped listening to the album for a few days, partly due to my work schedules. But when I do listen to it on my laptop, one thing that caught me was the feeling the slow songs gave me, namely 《结果》、《上帝早已预备》、《你爱我》 and 《阿门》. The special thing about the arrangement was that it brought me back to the memories of Nepal, the feeling of being up in the mountains, submerged in nature and the unpredictable weather that was also steeped in tranquility.

Like a sense of peace that has a turbulent undercurrent.

I guess that was the aim of the songs. 《结果》 was a sort of reflection, a 反讽, whereby the lyrics made use of the negative thoughts of a person to teach us how to grow out of pain and loss. It was the period where after one experiences a period of hardship and stops to think back on his deeds. There will always be this frustration that comes with the silent reflections.

The thing I liked about 《阿门》 was actually the choral part. Crisp and clear, like water droplets. Like fresh morning dew. Like the innocence of childhood.

The only things that made me confused was how 《上帝早已预备》 and 《你爱我》, which were supposed to exhalt the wonder of God, actually had Mi sounded as though she was in pain. Or rather, there was no joy or sense of relief/enlightenment in her singing. Was it her being too used to singing painful ballads? I don’t know..

Week 3 – Love

By now, her concert Love Mi 2009 HK stop was in full swing. Amidst the hype of 《罪与罚》、《上帝早已准备》 and 《信者得爱》, one black horse emerged: 《不要惊动爱情》. Although the song was mentioned in the marketing tagline and 最感动介绍, but there was no MV, no pre-release (before album release) and no news reports of the song. Yet it came out in the concert, not as part of the Gospel segment that the 3 new songs formed up, but as an individual song that Mi devoted an introduction to and happily sang in 2 versions (of arrangement) throughout the 10 shows.

Week 4 – Blah blah bla…

I was still reeling from the Mi Pilgrimage, and trying to reorganize my work. No thoughts.

Week 5 – Overtones

The release of my review for the album. All in all, despite the 2 songs that were mellow and subtle, the whole album exudes an energy of positivity. Great album to keep if you are looking for something to keep you alive when life turns a corner. Yup.. You may like to listen to sad songs when you are down, but when you’ve reached the bottom of the V, there will always be a desire to listen to songs that lifts the spirits. Faith has them. Faith has the energy.

I’ve reached saturation for enjoying the album. Time to move on to new songs 🙂

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 15 Jan 2010

Faith by Sammi Released

No, I have not got my hands on the album yet, and so, yes, I can’t really criticize the album 🙂 yup, even though half of the album’s numbers were already made known for more than 2 months back, I would only like to make a review only when I get to listen to the whole album. Right now, I am only creating awareness of this new album just for Mi.. 😉

This is actually a Christian album, made up of songs that exalt God or to ‘teach’ people on how to be find happiness and share happiness. Perhaps it’s more of the teaching part. Mi, from the announcement of the plan of producing this album, was saying that she hoped to use such songs to relate to people who also went through a period of darkness just like she did.

As mentioned, this album is part of a bigger ‘Comeback’ project called Faith.Hope.Love ( 信 . 望 . 爱 ). Faith, is the newly released album. Hope, is a compilation of the singles she released during her stay in East Asia Music (Songs like Mi, 剑雪 ). This compilation was touted to be released before X’mas (though this may not be realizable now, considering how Faith was postponed by nearly a month). Love, well, is the concert that I’ll be going to watch: Love Mi.

More than a month ago, Mi had a mini concert where she sang songs from her new album. Apparently (I was not there, and the information wrt the contents were rather vague, with fans only screaming ‘So nice!!’ and nothing else), most of the songs from the new album were ‘released’. But officially, in which CD quality of the songs were released online, only a few can be considered. Like 《罪与罚》、《信者得爱》 and 《结果》. ( 《叮叮当》, which was released about 3 months ago, is actually slated to be included in Hope) Official MVs of 《罪与罚》、《信者得爱》 and Forgiveness (English version of 《罪与罚》) was also made public.

《信者得爱》 MV is the best to off the MVs to be released, although I felt it could have been better. This song would be the theme song of Love Mi.

Like I mentioned in my FB, I found it interesting to see a parallel between the MV and my life. Mi sang to the wall and it opened up; I talk to the walls (intercom) everyday and the door opens up. This sort of adds strength to the long-held reason why I think Mi resonate with me 🙂

《罪与罚》: I did not like this MV, cos I think it was done quite slipshod. The song was very nice and inspiring, but it was spoilt by the MV. I don’t know if they wanted to accommodate the rappers (24 Herbs), but I still think that Mi being the Cantopop Queen, should not have given way…

Being the English version of 《罪与罚》, the MV was largely the same. The unique thing about this song was that I heard this song only when the MV was released. I was quite disappointed with the rapping. hmmm… Hongkongers doing English rap? That was a very WRONG decision *Forgive them for they don’t know what they do…*

Luckily, there was Mi’s vocals that supported the whole song. Whenever the song transited to her singing, there was a feeling of transiting from hell to heaven… And I liked the way she continued the ‘slide’ of notes at the bridge, which I also felt was the ‘climax’ of the song.


That’s all for the ‘preview’ of Faith, by Sammi. When I do get my hands onto the album, I will continue..

Post was originally put up at my main site on 12 Dec 2009

Feel So Good


这是我生平买的第二张CD专辑,也是我拥有 Sammi 的第一张CD专辑,就在中学三年的时候。当时的CD价钱对我来说还很贵,买了一张旧花掉一整个星期的零用钱。但是,我还是买了,而且还开始了我 ‘收购’ Sammi 旧专辑的热忱。



记得当时家里也买了第一台 VCD 播放机,是随姐姐买的 Hi-fi 音响系统而来的。Hi-fi 和电视机各摆客厅的一方,所以每当要播放随 《Feel So Good》 而赠送的 MV VCD 时,就得把 Hi-fi 扛到客厅中央和电视机汇合。劳师动众,只为了四分钟的 MV,所以接下来的几年里,观看 《理想对象》 MV 的次数也就那么几次而已。

至于CD,我几乎每次放学早回家的话 (当时喜欢在外溜达,所以一星期也只有一两次会在晚上8点之前回家),就会坐在 Hi-fi 的面前,播放 《Feel So Good》 的专辑,随同 CD 大唱。我不管别人怎么想,我只喜欢沉醉在 Sammi 的歌声中,和她一起唱出合玄,唱出每首歌的感情。



01 Feels Like 1998

02 哭泣游戏

03 祝大家好过

04 爱≈零 (推荐)

05 理想对象

06 心血来潮

07 有问题 (推荐)

08 Feel So Good

09 我是猫

10 战俘

11 记认 (推荐)

12 I Cross My Heart

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但是我心中还是难免妒忌那个抢走我好朋友的Chicken Clan。尤其是那个十分有魅力的翰,谁都可以做朋友,让我既妒忌,又羡慕。


消沉的气息过了一阵子,好像对每个人洗了脑一样;忽然之间,我成为CC的一分子,虽然我什么 ’入会‘ 的程序都没有经历过(到今天也一样)。我心里明白,是辉引荐我入会,因为身为好友的他,不忍看我在黄城里似孤魂野鬼地游荡。


合唱团演唱会的第二天(也是最后一天),也是 ’语特‘ 写作营的第一天,CC被我拉去观赏(因为当时的华初合唱团是全国倒数第一名)。很惊讶的是,他们竟然出示一张很大的看板。 我超感动的,因为写作营活动满满,他们还趁我前往为演唱会准备后(为了不让我知道),抽空制作。听说是辉的杰作。






但是我还是偏爱《我在的地方》,至今Sammi也只唱过这么一首 ’Tribal’,集聚美声唱法的歌曲。

我特别爱高潮的部分,Sammi同时分成高低音两条主线合唱,还有那段结束时,极似British Airways广告曲的高音荡漾作为尾声。整首歌的感觉犹如飘浮在空中,享受着白云清风的抚摸。



还有《沉默的纵容》重复副歌中间的钢琴伴奏,十分清脆,又特别感人。恕我肤浅,但是那段钢琴伴奏,让我想起当时将我风靡的SimCity 3000 的 soundtrack。哈哈。。。







记得我们一起做的神经事。好像演唱会第一天的时候,我们被指使扛东西到演唱场地(对面的《南洋女中》)。 那天星期六,学校没有人,校门竟然也是紧闭,所以我们扔下手上的事物怕墙而过。


我和Joe从来都没有合拍过照,只有在我BMT Recourse的时候,我回去当学员,他是隔壁连的Spec,POP的那一天,我抓紧机会和他拍了我们唯一的合照。

演唱会期间我们也做了许多奇怪的事。有一次休息时,我们在南洋的食堂内找到一架钢琴,随性地开始 ‘二人弹奏’ 小星星(不要忘了我没学过音乐)。我们各用一根手指,我弹 ‘主音’,他弹 ‘合奏’。他还故意弹错Key。我想这是他在耍心机。当时在场的女生都被逗开了怀,莫名其妙两个 ‘不懂’ 钢琴的人在弹钢琴。数星期后,Joe在练习休息的当儿,在众目睽睽之下开始弹奏一曲,让在场的人(除我这个了解他功力的人之外)听得 ‘耳’ 瞪口呆。





01 我在的地方

02 至理名言

03 一直到春天过去

04 讯号

05 沉默的纵容

06 眼泪的上游

07 态度

08 知道的请告诉我

09 你要我勇敢

10 不准哭

Becoming Sammi

Becoming Sammi






我一直都很惊奇,Sammi的专辑总是围绕着我的生命在走。记得当年和一个很要好的死党混在一起的时候,经常得在金文泰体育场外等他的课外活动训练结束。但是那是手机还不普遍的年代,所以我们经常 ‘等错地方’。那年1997,Sammi大唱《为你等》。





父亲丧礼结束后的一个礼拜,刚好我得到 ‘仓库管理学院’ 上一个礼拜的训练。那里人生地不熟,我每天犹如行尸走肉。来回兵营的路途上,必定经过父亲安葬之处。生命中好像怎么都挥不去父亲离去的阴影。

训练第一天,在食堂听见播放的电台 DJ 寻求 SMS,要听众点歌、留言。当时一个人的我,总是不自觉地眼眶泛泪,却又得在人群面前故作坚强。我这时就拿出手机,打了一句话传给电台 DJ:






Dr Ong很体恤地等我哭泣完毕,再听我诉说我这一个礼拜来按捺在心中的悲痛。




Dr Ong 说,父亲在世的时候,经常到他的诊所医治他的眼疾。在诊断的过程中,父亲总是对他赞叹他儿子的成就,只是他当时不知道我们俩就是父子。

我也不知道是Dr Ong 基于医者仁心,当下才对我说出这个善意的谎言。




01 今日几号

02 忘记不起

03 心肝命定

04 上一次流泪

05 第二次分手

06 回来我身边

07 谢谢王子

08 更加爱你

09 你的前半生

10 输得漂亮

11 现在几点

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Sammi 专辑全纪录 (All Her Albums)


那些 ‘大图’ 都是从我的珍藏扫的。如果任何人有那些 ‘小图’ 的高清扫图,请帮忙传给我,让我这篇页面更富整体性,好吗?或是有人有那些 ‘小图’ 的专辑要便宜出让(专辑要完好,碟面不可有任何挂花),也可以联络我商讨。



1990 Sammi


1991 Holiday

Never Too Late

1992 Never Too Late

Kuai Le Mi Gong

1993 快乐迷宫

Da Bao Fu

1993 大报复

1994 十诫

1994 时间.地点.人物

1994 Sammi

1995 其后

1995 舍不得你

1995 放不低

1996 值得

1996 浓情

1997 为你等

1997 我们的主题曲

1997 生活语言

1998 Feel So Good

1998 Sammi Best Remix (最好混音精选)

1998 听闻

1999 我应该得到

1999 很爱很爱

2000 多谢.新歌加精选

2000 爱情故事

2000 去爱吧!

2000 Ladies First

2000 眉飞色舞

2001 爱是。。。

2001 完整

2001 Shocking Pink

2001 温柔

2002 Sammi X Dance Collection

2002 舍得

2002 Becoming Sammi

2003 Wonder Woman

2003 完全拥有

2003 美丽的误会

2004 Mi Century

2004 La La La

2004 Sammi vs Sammi

2007 This is Sammi


记录不算完整,请各位多多指教。 😀

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