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Touch Mi 熱身:歷年演唱會 Opening


再過兩天就要飛到香港紅磡體育館看 Mi 的 Touch Mi 2014/2015 演唱會。因爲太興奮,所以要來回顧歷年來的演唱會開場曲。

Sammi X Live ’96

《男仕今天你很好 + 小心女人》

作爲 Mi 生平第一場紅磡演唱會,這 Opening 是別具意義的。Mi 剛轉投 Warner,被冷藏后復出的成名舞曲《男仕今天你很好 》,還有熱到街知巷聞的《小心女人》,是代表一個時代的開始,Mi 世代的開端。

Sammi Star Show ’97

《星 [秀] 傳說(Everyone Is A Superstar)》

與其說這是第二場演唱會,還不如說这是《SXL ’96》的延續篇,因爲無論舞臺設計概念或歌曲 run down 都好似 《SXL ‘96》的翻版。這段期間 Mi 的專輯出了又出,演唱會短短一年又來一趟(將來最頻也只是兩年一次),是 Warner 對 Mi 的苛待開始吧!

這場演唱會 DVD 也是全球第一場燒錄在 DVD 的演唱會,也見證了 Mi 的火紅程度。

Mi 隻身出場,卻撐起了整個場面,足以證明她不是一夜成名或曇花一現。

Sammi i Concert


這 1999 年的演唱會,比 iPod 早5 年用 “i” 字開頭,也比 Lady Gaga 早 12 年在演唱會 “蛋” 生。

舞群滑排輪介紹 Mi 出場。。。我不記得當時排輪是不是很火熱,但是 Mi 的演唱會總是社會的寫照,集聚當今社會最 in 的潮流和科技,所以應該可以推斷排輪的受歡迎程度。

Shocking Colours Live

《我們的主題曲 + 螢光粉紅 + She’s a Lady》

Mi 首次用慢歌來開場,優雅地從舞臺一角出現。

Sammi vs Sammi



網上找不到影片,不稀奇;我的記憶對这場 Mi 在 Warner 最後一場的演唱會也十分模糊。因爲是離別之作,Warner 從專輯到演唱會,直至電影都不多作宣傳,反而還 “爛行銷”。这演唱會出了很多中國低素質版,演唱會的内容也沒有特色,我買了 VCD 也只是看了一遍就罷。

Show Mi


Mi 沉寂 4 年的復出之作。这 Opening 是我的最愛。開頭的高音吟誦,模特兒的時裝秀,已給觀衆聽覺與視覺的震撼。當 Mi 凜然踏出來,腳跟的 LED 划出兩道光芒,氣勢非凡。Mi 緩緩而進,徐徐開唱,消失,即又化身 “樹精”,接著轉換節奏,由慢歌轉爲快歌,整個 Opening 一氣呵成,很有故事感,很有進堦式的感覺。就是看了这演唱會的 DVD,讓我下定決心下一次一定要親臨紅磡觀看 Mi 的演唱會!

Love Mi


作爲我第一次 “朝聖” 到紅磡看 Mi 的首個演唱會 Opening,这也對我來説是件非常具有意義的事。幾年后觀看 Show Mi 和 Love Mi,發現 Show Mi 的製作比較精密,但是親身觀看 Love Mi 的經歷無法取代,也讓我見證爲何香港的演唱會,爲何怎麽在新加坡 “完整重現”,也不可能 “重現”。

Touch Mi

其實網上都在猜測 Mi 這次的 Opening 會用什麽歌?值得注意的是,除了 Sammi Star Show 和 iConcert 以外,Opening 都不用演唱會主題曲;就連 Shocking Colours 和 Love Mi 也將主題曲排在第二首。所以 8 月推出的《Bang Bang Bang》應該也會和其他演唱會主題曲一樣,作爲下半部的開場。但是話又說回來,《Bang Bang Bang》的編曲其實很適合做 Opening, 不是嗎?

再來,米飯們都將這場演唱會挂上《25周年演唱會》的 tag,我都在想,是否會來歷年最具代表性的歌 Mash Up 成 Opening 呢?

說真的,如果來個回顧 25 年也不錯。雖然很 “cheap sell” 的感覺,但是身為粉絲,有時也會幻想對 Mi 的記憶來個大縂合,歡喜一下。但是就 10 分鐘就好,免得變得非常做作。

如果最新推出的新歌加精選是個指標的話,很久沒有出現的《十誡》應該會是其中一首。就不知道形象已經很正面的 Mi 會如何詮釋这 20 年前造成滿城風雨的歌呢?到底 Touch Mi 要我們 Touch 什麽呢?好期待,只好等到這個星期六,看 20日首場的 Mi 迷傳來的直擊報道。

Miracle Album Cover

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Mi 的靓照

好久没有在这上载东西了,但是 Mi 也没有什么新闻,所以我也没有什么好写的。

这些日子 Mi 偶尔会为广告商代言,进而有一些靓照。我前些日子就用这些靓照来做我的 FB 的 cover page。 就是下面这张啦!照片是经过几次修改,但是这张我打算长期留在 FB 上。



Sammi -Timeline-Cover 5

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Love Mi More


Currently, Love Mi More is only in SG. Just like Show Mi Again was only in Genting.

Having watched the show Live for the 4th time, and through DVD for the N time, sitting through the show was quite a challenge for me. Add in her flu-voice, bad sound system (I think Unusual is trying to milk the success of Love Mi too much) and it spelt  a bad night for me, especially I after I dragged Harvi along.

The saving grace was of cos the new set of costumes, more Mandarin songs, and Mi’s superb vocals despite her illness. She went out of pitch a few times for the Opening, but she quickly resumed her stance. In fact, except for the slight nasal and husky voice, there was no hint of weakness. I wonder why.

I also find it awesome that someone could manipulate her diaphragm while on 6-inch heels. The heels, well, was not platform; it was high-heel shoes, you know. How do you stand your ground to reach for the difficult notes while tip-toeing?

I do not know. But perhaps this is the reason why she’s The Heavenly Queen.

Make way!!

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 07 Nov 2010

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Love Mi Pilgrimage – Genting

This is it. My long-delayed post on my Mi Pilgrimage Leg 2 – Genting, KL. OK, it was more of KL than Genting, cos I only went up the hill for about 4 hours as compared to the 3D2N I spent over in KL itself.

My hotel was called Citin Masjid Hotel, ‘Citin’ being the name of the chain of the hotel and ‘Masjid’ referring to the area it was in. Accordingly, ‘Masjid’ meant temple in Tamil, which meant that I was staying in the Little India of KL, aka Masjid Jamek. Not bad, considering that I knew all the while where I would be heading.

I found the budget hotel on the net, after surfing through websites like Trip Advisor (true or not, you decide). In all, I thought that was a decent hotel I found. I mean, with just S$44 a night, I get a normal room with a queen sized bed. Yes, the room was just enough for The Bed, and a study table. But why would I need so much space for a place I am going to spend only my sleeping time in? The bed was good enough 🙂

Hotel behind bazaar

chic designs..

As you can see, the kinky part of the hotel was that the bathroom door was made of frosted glass. Thank goodness I was alone on this trip lol I was even kinky enough to leave the bathroom door open while I showered, so I can have the view of… the main door. ah… I did lock my door.

Another perk about the hotel was how their decor was in green. LIME GREEN to be exact. I don’t remember when I started to like lime green, but since uni days, it had been my fav colour 🙂

The downside was of cos the location, as complained on Trip Advisor. It was smacked in the middle of a bazaar, which could get quite noisy at night. But after going to India itself, well, that little din was… little. It is funny, however, that in order to get to the hotel’s main entrance, you will have to burrow your way through the bazaar.

The other downside was then the bad sound insulation. Halfway through my 1st night, I was awakened by the sound of screaming. I then realized it was from next door… And it was not screaming, but ecstatic pleas of, ‘Oh you fucker! Don’t stop NOW~~!!’. Apparently, my neighbour enjoyed sex quite a lot. Early next morning, they did it again. That night, one more time. Before I went out on my 2nd morning, 2 times.


Looking out from the shower stall

I arrived at KL dead in the middle of the night, thanks to the 8pm flight to accommodate my insistence on not taking the day off. It was actually not that late when I reached KL LCCT – 9.30pm. The shuttle bus (which would cost less if I bought the tix at the counter there rather than online at home) left half an hour later, and I subsequently reached the city at about 11.30pm.

The ‘bus sentral’ (apparently a transport hub of KL) was already a dead town. And being on my own the 1st time in such a sleazy-looking place, I was quite flustered. My original plan was to take the LRT to my hotel 2 stops down, and I had to do that before the last train left. But the problem was, I could not find the entrance to the desired line. Blame it on the bad signage. Even the entrance of the line was discretely labelled and I wondered why. I had to wander through the station 3 times before I found that teeeeny weeeeny turnstiles.

The train sucked too. The sign said the train would arrive in 3 minutes. Or perhaps I did not understand Malish, cos the train came only 15 minutes after I stepped onto the platform. Disappointing.

When I emerged from my destination stop, I was stunned. The place was DEAD. Man… Wasn’t there supposed to be a bazaar? It looked like the place was swamped by zombies. Tugging at my luggage (actually it was on my shoulders), I took a short 5-minute walk to the hotel and voila! Only the lights at the counter was turned on (and the door was locked by the lone security guard).

Checking in was a breeze (thankfully) and I managed to get the free access to Wi-Fi as mentioned in the net. Nice ~

My next day’s itinerary was actually quite simple: Shopping => Concert. Considering how under-developed the shopping industry in Malaysia was, I expected the malls to open only at about noon. So I had a late breakfast before I waltzed my way out of my hotel and proceeded to this mega mall (I forgot the name) a few stops down. OK, I still had to transit at that infamous central station, or at another stop. But apparently, that mall was in the vicinity of my hotel, just that the 2 stops weren’t connected by a single line. Think Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut.

The shopping was nice. They had a huge replica of Alice in Wonderland in the central plaza. There was so much to see. I ended up buying things like a pair of jeans and a shirt. haha!! Not very much cheaper than SG, but since I was there already, why not?

I planned to go back to hotel, wash up and then proceed up to Genting by that Genting bus. Unfortunately, shopping got the better of me and I had to take a cab up. The taxi driver was a bastard. For bringing me ‘halfway up’ (to the cable car station), he charged me S$90. For bringing me all the way up, he charged S$200, and the distance between the 2 was only a 10-min ride. But oh well, I was not THAT late, so I took the $90 offer.

That gave me a chance to take the cable car up. OK, that was actually part of my plans. Going up on shuttle was Plan A, going up by taxi then cable was Plan B. I actually prepared enough money for Plan C, that was to go all the way up by cab. The cab, well… was stinky and old and shaky and dirty (none compared to the one I took in India on our way back to SG). When it climbed up the hill, I had half the mind to jump off and help the driver push that cab. haiz…

I was actually well before time for the concert. Plan A would take me 2 hours, but Plan B only 45 min. I actually had time to collect my ticket, test my return route and lingered at the arena entrance to buy goodies.

Oh… Well, I also had plans to catch the last bus down to that central station. But I needed to know how to get to the Genting bus terminal straight after the concert ended (at 11pm, I hoped) and get there before the bus left at 11.30pm. Thank goodness I did the test, cos I was told to buy the ticket beforehand lest it got sold out.

This very important signage stood at a very crucial junction between the terminal and the walkway to Genting, but I never had time to take a good look at it. Blame it on the rush and crowd in the day.

The concert was disappointing, thanks to the bad audio equipment, Mi’s voice was lost a few times. The security was absurdly unreasonable by disturbing spectators. They actually shone laser lights into people’s eyes for them to comply!! well…

My return plan was smooth, in fact, I had time to calm down and wait for the bus. haha… It felt weird to be there, cos the place was bathed in this mist that was so thick, one could not see far. Which was why I was glad I took the test run earlier, cos walking through the fog at night would definitely be harrowing.

The trip down the hill was serene, since there were not much street lights in Malaysia, and bus rocked me to the rythm of soothing tunes. Reaching the Sentrat Station again dead in the night (this time even more dead; the last train was gone), I had to take a cab back to my hotel. Thank goodness I did a research beforehand, so I did not get chopped carrot too much by the driver to drive me the distance from Orchard to Tanjong Pagar..

1 day worth of shopping..

My next morning (before I checked out) was actually spent on sightseeing, also in consideration that the malls won’t be opened that early. I took trips up and down the line to ‘see’ some places… Like Kampong Bahru in KL. haha!! hey, I grew up in that area, surely I need to check out its twin in KL, right? But oh… I only stood at the door and took that picture of the sign, considering how unreliable the train timings in KL were, I did not want to risk wasting my time waiting for the next train.

My ultimate aim and highlight was to go see the Petronas Towers, just a few stops away. But I got out from the wrong exit and ended up walking on the streets just to get around to the front of the towers.

I didn’t manage to get up onto the observation decks, cos I didn’t plan to and when I did want to go up, the tickets were sold out, at like 10am. wow… Like it was very popular. For Taipei 101… I could get up even at 3pm.

The mall at Petronas Towers was also decent enough for walking around. It was too big and my feet hurt from all the walking the day earlier, so I only explored the 1/3 of the mall nearest to the train station. I guess Malaysian malls were good for female shoppers (given their selection), but it was also good enough for me to hang around and chill. Provided I am in the area… Not for the next 5 years, I suppose.

I don’t think my trip back was worth a lot of words. Like I mentioned in my India trip post, KL LCCT (now that I had the time to wait around and observe the place) was a screwed up place. Yes, it was bigger than our own BT and yes, it had more shops and hence busier than BT, but it was a screwed up place nonetheless. I could not find the counter to check in to my flight (so I had to do self-check in) and there were endless security checks (you expect people with evil intentions to be able to get their hands on a bomb in between the security checks? Then it must be the security that was problematic). The place was not planned properly, so I had to go up, come down, go up, turn here and there…. before I got to the waiting area of my flight. And the whole place was D.I.R.T.Y. haiz…

Don’t mention that my flight was delayed. Air Asia, minus one.

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 27 Jun 2010

Love Mi 宣言

Love Mi 世界巡回演唱会香港站的 DVD 预计 2月9日发行,DVD 却未发行,先引起轰动,但此轰动非彼轰动。

DVD 封面初次曝光,也不知道是不是最后敲定的封面,但是此设计欠缺理想,引来两派米饭的强烈争论。

到底我们应该反对唱片公司求其次的表现,还是接受 ‘内容已经很好’,不应该再咄咄逼人的态度?

even this petition poster made by a fan looked more decent than the cover

说实在的,DVD 内容真的是满足了许多米饭的要求:新年倒数片断,足本收录整场演唱会,还附加尾场(也就是我出席的那场)演唱会的两次 encore。除了少收录嘉宾的片断,但很多米饭都认为我们要看的是 Mi,其他闲杂人等有没有收在里面不重要。


少了嘉宾是嘉宾的事,Mi 的 DVD 封面设计欠缺美感,这可关系到 Mi 的声誉!

我就在米缸论坛里发表了我爱 Mi 的宣言:


虽然说内容重要,但我们不能蒙眼睛,只看我们觉得好看的。这样求其次的人生态度,我想 Mi 也不会赞同。

不是要唱片公司做到最好,满足所有米饭的要求;只是希望所有关于 Mi 的 ‘产品’ 都有用过心去经营。

就像 Hope Boxset 一样,看得出有费一番心思去设计,我们就算认为再贵也会买,而且买来送朋友,经过的时候也可以放心地指着喊: ‘Mi 的 Boxset!’ 也不怕朋友笑说 Mi 的产品设计和概念不够专业。

至于 DVD 设计欠 ’美感‘,就算出来了,内容再好我也不好意思介绍给朋友;就算内容好到一传十,十传百,买回家的非米饭也不会把 DVD 摆出来,炫耀自己拥有这款 DVD。

我爱 Mi,就也要能够自豪地宣扬我对她的爱。我希望能够在非米饭面前大声说出我对 Mi 的爱的时候,他们心里会想:“虽然我没有像你那么喜欢 Mi,但是我得承认她的作品都很有水准。”

我对 Mi 的爱很自私,但是这就是我对她的爱。

Mi 有今天,也是因为她的努力;我不想看见她的努力就如此而已。

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 03 Feb 2010

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Faith by Sammi Reviewed

I suppose this is a little bit early for an album review. 1 week? Too short… But I would like to take a new approach to reviewing this album, that is, my take of the album week by week. So… By the time this entry is posted, I supposed the 2nd edition would be out liaoz. hee*

Pre-Release – The 1st Plugs

I have briefly shared my thoughts on the songs made public before the official album release date, but it’s time to re-visit those thoughts. The songs were: 《罪与罚》、《结果》、《信者得爱》.

《罪与罚》 was a rather ‘high standard’ song, which was elegant despite being hip-hop and rap (which was usually associated with crime and vulgarities). It was like a clone of 《爱是。。。》 released way back in 2000, where all Mi did was to sing a few lines, interjected by chunks of rap by ‘pro’ HK rappers. The central theme of 《罪与罚》 has taken a ‘high stance’, in a way that it talked about redemption through the eyes of The Fallen. Mi took the perception of a 3rd party who looked at them with compassion, while the rappers recounted the lives of The Fallen through their dependance on drugs and thoughts of suicide.

I never really saw the ‘climax’ of the song until the English version, Forgiveness, was released the day before the album was released.

The composers also handled Forgiveness like they did with the Canto version, although now the rappers have taken on the role of The Fallen, The Counsellor and The War Veteran, to lament about the atrocities of this modern world, which was mainly Excess, Drugs and War. Like I mentioned before, the only fault of the song was the weird accents the rappers had when they rapped. I still prefer ang-moh slang rather than cheena slang.

Forgiveness was supported only by Mi’s vocals, which was like a gunshot through the silence. It was here, at the bridge, that I heard the climax, when she sang ‘Save me, Lord, I never meant to be this way; I’ve given up almost everything and all I had was pain’. The central theme of the song is, yes, Pain. The pain of The Fallen, and the pain of those who loved them who looked upon them in vain.

Forgiveness also gave a chance for a comparison with other rap songs like those done by BEP. In comparison, yes, it pales in comparison in terms of the lyrics. Those raps like BEP, like Shut Up, had constant interaction between the Male and the Female, the Singer and the Rapper. But the rap can do without the singing and the singing without the rap in Forgiveness. Or let’s compare with something nearer. Da Mouth’s song, like 《靠过来》 had the same effect of Shut Up, which added to the wholeness of the song.

《结果》 was a song completely composed by an independent, small time singer, Ivana. Again, the melody was plain. Music wise, only Mi’s singing supported the piece. And even then, Mi had to ‘play’ with different singing technics to make the song less boring. Lyrics wise, it was a satirical take on life, by describing how a person tries to shirk his responsibilities and avoid the judgement of others. Ultimately, as the title prescribed, the End is the same: You face Him for judgement.

《信者得爱》 was meant to be the theme song for Love Mi, the upcoming concert. It was a remake from a Korean song Life is Good (sounds LG, huh?). The beat was strong and Mi’s vocals too. But add in the funny talking in front… eh… They sound so slutty. Ya… They sound so Bring It On, it didn’t sound cool and strong. The Korean version was better, when the original singer rapped the starting with her low voice. It added that punch to the song. MC 任 once again rapped for Mi, after success like 《煞科》 (《眉飞色舞》) which was also like 10 years ago. (Considering how Chinese songs evolved in the decade between 1995, when Mi became uber-famous, to 2005, when Mi retreated, it’s funny how they have not evolved from 2000, when Mi was unbelievably famous to now). Somehow, after looking at his performance Live, in Mi’s concerts and in the MV, I thought he was rather loser-looking. Except for his rapping, there’s no cool factor in him at all.

Oh… Why did I go into personal attack? Given that 《信者得爱》 was supposed to warm the concert, I thought 《叮叮当》 would be a better choice. The latter sounded fun, while the former, due to the slower BPM, sounded draggy, despite the ear-pain-ing bass. But amazingly, the lyrics, despite tackling social issues, did not sound boring. hmmm…

“无线都不播我的歌,不播都卖 6 万张了,不播咯!”

Week 1 – 《不要惊动爱情》

When I got my hands on the album, I looked forward to listening to the song 《不要惊动爱情》, which was previewed with a small segment, and attracted me with the singing and the title. I mean, people in the literary world are always looking for different ways to describe the same thing, and I though the title was a very good attempt at describing crushes.

《不要惊动爱情》 was also the 1st song (since Warner era, I dare say) Mi sang on crushes. She was able to go from very sweet from the starting, to controlled bursts of energy during chorus. The frustration within such crushes and the enlightenment could be felt throughout the song. That controlled burst of energy was the very focus of controlling one’s frustrations through one’s beliefs, and was aptly adopted into words by the verse 爱要驯服过才精彩。In an era where movies were blasting the idea of love having to be all drama-mama, full of declaration and about the courage to embrace and let go, we tend to forget that the ones that last were those that were embraced through careful management.

Melody wise, I thought was bland. Verse A was not catchy and the chorus sounded like another of Mi’s songs. But considering that the song was not composed by the kind of people with high standards that Mi would usually employ (she adapted it for herself), it was forgive-able. After all, whenever Mi sang other people’s songs, the focus was always on how she could fill it with her style, making a point that she could take it to another level that the original singer could not. That controlled burst of energy, let me tell you, cannot be simply replicated by any of the young female singers these days, not even Stefanie Sun.

Week 2 – Feelings

Moving on to Wk 2, I stopped listening to the album for a few days, partly due to my work schedules. But when I do listen to it on my laptop, one thing that caught me was the feeling the slow songs gave me, namely 《结果》、《上帝早已预备》、《你爱我》 and 《阿门》. The special thing about the arrangement was that it brought me back to the memories of Nepal, the feeling of being up in the mountains, submerged in nature and the unpredictable weather that was also steeped in tranquility.

Like a sense of peace that has a turbulent undercurrent.

I guess that was the aim of the songs. 《结果》 was a sort of reflection, a 反讽, whereby the lyrics made use of the negative thoughts of a person to teach us how to grow out of pain and loss. It was the period where after one experiences a period of hardship and stops to think back on his deeds. There will always be this frustration that comes with the silent reflections.

The thing I liked about 《阿门》 was actually the choral part. Crisp and clear, like water droplets. Like fresh morning dew. Like the innocence of childhood.

The only things that made me confused was how 《上帝早已预备》 and 《你爱我》, which were supposed to exhalt the wonder of God, actually had Mi sounded as though she was in pain. Or rather, there was no joy or sense of relief/enlightenment in her singing. Was it her being too used to singing painful ballads? I don’t know..

Week 3 – Love

By now, her concert Love Mi 2009 HK stop was in full swing. Amidst the hype of 《罪与罚》、《上帝早已准备》 and 《信者得爱》, one black horse emerged: 《不要惊动爱情》. Although the song was mentioned in the marketing tagline and 最感动介绍, but there was no MV, no pre-release (before album release) and no news reports of the song. Yet it came out in the concert, not as part of the Gospel segment that the 3 new songs formed up, but as an individual song that Mi devoted an introduction to and happily sang in 2 versions (of arrangement) throughout the 10 shows.

Week 4 – Blah blah bla…

I was still reeling from the Mi Pilgrimage, and trying to reorganize my work. No thoughts.

Week 5 – Overtones

The release of my review for the album. All in all, despite the 2 songs that were mellow and subtle, the whole album exudes an energy of positivity. Great album to keep if you are looking for something to keep you alive when life turns a corner. Yup.. You may like to listen to sad songs when you are down, but when you’ve reached the bottom of the V, there will always be a desire to listen to songs that lifts the spirits. Faith has them. Faith has the energy.

I’ve reached saturation for enjoying the album. Time to move on to new songs 🙂

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The Mi Pilgrimage: Mi Goodies

On the night I camped out, I did not just sit around and take pictures. One of the other things I did, as I mentioned earlier, was to rearrange my ‘war trophies’ (and taking pictures with them..).

Yes, I had to squeeze one table of things into ONE Le Coq Sportif bag, and ONE shopping bag..

Here is a list of my trophies:

  • x3 Hope Boxset
  • x3 Mi and 咪(猫咪) Towels
  • x2 Faith Hope Love T-shirt
  • x2 Eye Shades with Mi’s Nike eyebrows
  • x1 Faith Album Poster
  • x1 Love Mi Poster
  • x1 Faith Hope Love Carrying Bag
  • x2 Concert Balloon
  • x1 Pink Light Stick

That space was for my waist pouch, cos I could only carry 2 loose bags on plane mah..

The things that filled up my bag (and was darned heavy) were the 3 boxsets. One of them already weighed a tonne 1 kg. They were precious… Not one of Mi’s albums had such a glam packaging as Hope Boxset.

Each boxset contained the following:

  • Mi’s new book 《值得》
  • CD that contained: 《叮叮当》、《长恨歌》、《捉迷藏(粤、国版)》
  • DVD that contained MVs of the CD’s songs
  • Mi Photo Album
  • Red Heart Pin
  • Postcards x3
  • Bookmark
  • Poster-sticker (A3 size with small stickers on it)
  • Hope Poster
  • Lyrics Book

Now you know why it weighed so darned heavy??

The boxset reminisced the days when I would buy Mi’s latest album and open them in anticipation. I would be so eager to see the inside of the CD case that I would tear open the packaging on the short bus ride between Tiong Bahru Plaza and home. Those days were gone, interestingly, but revived by Hope.

I was so tempted to open the packaging right at the Pacific Coffee Company inside HKIA departure hall, but I refrained from it. One, the external environment may ‘contaminate’ the contents (crumbs, dust, I did not wash my hands with soap, so I would leave fingerprints, etc). Because of the above, I could not spread the items out and take pictures of them one by one, or to savour them individually. Three, I would be so excited I would not be able to sleep on the way back home.

But it was all worth it. In the comfort of my room, I explored the contents with glee. Much glee. PLENTY OF GLEE. heehee~

Official Photos of Hope Boxset

Faith, Hope, Love on the wall in my room respectively. Faith had since dropped off in the middle of the night.

I happily pasted the 3 posters on my wall. OK, the Love Mi poster was a ‘fake’. It was one of those flyers that the little gals at the entrance handed me, in addition to the balloon sticks. The original Love Mi poster I bought was humongous (even larger than Faith poster) and after a night of hiatus and a flight under the seat, its corners were dog-eared. I would have to buy a new one when Mi comes to SG.

And now introducing was Mi’s new book 《值得》. I had thought it was a compilation of the columns she wrote for 《明报周刊》 over the years. I had thought it was a small, thin book. But I was wrong. It was heavy. Some 270 pages of it. The contents were mainly new. It contained pictures done by Mi. It was.. ya…Worth It.

Is there a hidden meaning? 15 years ago, when she released her 1st Mandarin album, it was called 《值得》. Then and now, she wore a red coat, topped with red hair. hmmm…

Anyways, the book is now available in HK. haha… and on Yesasia.com. Perhaps in the near future, the book will be available in SG, either before CNY, or when Mi comes for her concert in Apr this year.

A good coffee table book, I suppose. Cos the chapters were short easy to read 🙂

Get it. It’s Worth It.

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The Mi Pilgrimage: Night of Reflections

I would say this trip is not plainly a ‘see sammi in action’ trip. It was an experiential trip in itself. It was the first time that I ventured out of my comfort zone, to a place I had never been to, all by myself. No friends. No family.

With some research on wiki, I hopped on, not onto the Airport Express, but the airport shuttle, so that I can board the normal MTR one stop away, in order to savour local flavour, as well as to save some bucks (th0ugh I realized later that I still spent a bit more, like $20, on the trip into town).

Although the only HK streets I walked was the ones around HK Coliseum, I walked the underground of HK main island as well as the major MTR interchanges. I explored the underground malls of HK hehe… in search of dinner, only to have settled in the McDonald’s outside Hung Hom, eating Ebi Burger. I had wanted to buy the Double Pork Burger, since it would have been a crazy idea to think of eating it back in SG, I could not find the English name of the item. With my cantonese still raising eyebrows (and question marks), I stopped short of the idea.

I also boarded the taxi, joining the massive queue outside Hung Hom. I was able to cross Tsing Ma Bridge… at night. No seaviews, but it was the 1st time in my life that I crossed a suspension bridge of this size, so up close.

And throughout my life, I had camped out at various parts of NUS, camped out in Pulau Tekong and various open spaces in army camps, but this was the 1st time I camped out in HKIA, somewhere so foreign, so open and so far away from home. And I’m not talking about the transit area, but the public area, cos by the time I reached the airport at 1 plus, the customs and what-nots were all closed. After exploring the whole length of the departure hall at night (didn’t go down to arrival hall, which I had been to in the afternoon, cos I didn’t want to offload my stuff and carry them all around).

It was my first flight delay and, given normal times, I would have been so fed up and what not. Perhaps due to the training from my job, that little delay (3-hours of it) did not stir me up. But perhaps with a little more delay, such that my Mi Pilgrimage would be affected, would cause some disturbance. hehe..

This would eventually be the bench that I laid on to sleep..

In the 1st entry, I was saying that due to my flight delay, my RnR time was sacrificed. Still, I managed to squeeze into the transit area the 1st moment I had and went to a shop selling something I deemed rather local: Lor Mai Kai!!

hehe… It actually tasted like one of my favourite SG food: Nonya Dumpling, except that in my Lor Mai Kai, there was no pork but chicken 🙂 It must be very interesting to see me get so excited over this.. Every week, my mum would buy LMK from some kopitiam (those with the glass steamer), which was made from some factory. The rice would be tough, the chicken dry, the taste disgusting and everything oily.

But the LMK I had was tasty… It had mushrooms, shrimps, sausages and chicken shreds PLUS one chicken wing at the bottom. The taste was naturally put together by the ingredients, not some artificial flavouring and the chicken was soft and tender. It really perked my day 🙂 The Century Egg Porridge that came with it was so-so, though. Bland. But perhaps it was due to the burst of flavours I had for the LMK. heehee*

The only HK-ish food I had, for breakfast. The lor mai kai really tasted way better than what we have in SG, although I bought this at a franchised store.

So in all, my trip had been a very fulfilling one. In fact, if you ask me to go HK once again, I won’t mind, cos I’m not strange to it anymore. Just that, well, like I’ve always said before, there was nothing there for me to make a special trip again 🙂

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The Mi Pilgrimage: Hung Hom High High High

The concert started at 9pm, very much later than the 8.15pm slated. But it was all worth the wait 🙂

Halfway through, some security guard demanded I go off with him cos he saw me taking pictures (like I was the only one like that). I knew his job’s demanding (I work in the security line also what), so I just deleted the stuff I took in front of him (how could I just leave my precious stuff unattended to go with him??). After all, I can always recover the deleted files back home (I’m doing it as I type). The only downside was that he spoilt my viewing pleasure; he chose the highest moment to interrupt me.

Oh… it’s OK. He’s not Mi’s fan, so he does not understand. But I know very well that he will be rolled over by a reversing crane within the next 7 days. Or a gigantic signboard (hopefully with Love Mi poster on it) will fall on him.

The consequence of disrupting a Mi Pilgrimage.

Sea of pink with and without light

cos of the disruption, I did not take much photos later on; instead, I would be showing BETTER pix taken by others over the 10-day concert.

The initial part of the concert was just like the first 9 days of the show, except that being at Ground Zero physically was a real different sort of experience. Like before the opening, everyone was like calling for mi to come out; in SG, people were waiting quietly for the show to start. When the lights dimmed, the atmosphere was ecstatic. In replacement of the balloon sticks, the pre-arranged (and sold with exclusivity outside Hung Hom) pink light sticks dotted the arena like stars in the sky.

What comes after was the almost fanatic (else why called ‘fans’?) chant and rythmic waving of the light sticks in unison.

After the usual opening, came the 1st touching moment, listening to Mi sing Live her old ballads with a cheena twist. No, it was not the cheena twist that was touching, it was her voice. In this segment, she sang 《不来的季节》、《值得》、《娃娃看天下》 and 《长恨歌》, I still liked her rendition of 《长恨歌》 in Show Mi Again in Genting (Oct 2008), where she sang the song in public for the 1st time.

The next segment was an English oldies medley, where she sang ‘I Will Survive’ in a combination of other songs. Quite entertaining, but not very exciting lol

After that, was her Gospel segment, where the whole ‘ceiling stage’ was lowered for a secondary stage. She sang songs from her new album Faith, depicting a story of Lost, Hope and Faith.


Following that was another slow ballad segment, this time she sang 《回来我身边》、《恰似你的温柔》 and 《不要惊动爱情》, of which the 1st and last song were my favourite. She wore that pink plastic bag costume, sitting under a giant desk lamp.

Then, it was time for the special guests, which were the ‘Big 4’ consisting of Andy Hui, William So, Dicky Cheung and Liang Han Wen. Those guys were funny, cos after promoting their concert in Mar, they promptly left the stage, without singing, without letting Mi go off the stage to change into her next costume. Mi was of cos shocked, cos she did not expect that. She then led the audience to call them out.

When they next appeared, each of them were wearing one of the costumes that Mi wore before that segment. William was like saying he chose the hat cos he could not fit into the other props (Mi was like: if not why I go on diet?), Liang then asked Mi where she put her hand when she wore that prickly thing on her waist. Dicky then quipped that the hair made him feel like having hair again..

All of them then made Mi close her eyes for a gift they prepared for her. They then sang ‘Amazing Grace’, and then got the whole audience to hum along. That made Mi cry once again.

Finally, she left the stage for them, who sang 《干一杯》, the song that Mi sang the night she won 3rd place in the singing competition. Amazing. 3rd place, but now an undying diva. No. 1 female singer in HK. woo~~!!

Then, Mi appeared for her last dancing segment.

Where she kicked…

did burpees, push ups and sang while arching her back. Then, she did the ULTIMATA of the concert: TRUST FALL.

The photo looked like nothing, but it was harrowing to see it Live. The pit in the stage was 3m deep and almost immediately after she fell, the lights went out, accentuating the effect.

As soon as she disappeared, the stage rose again with her coming for the 3rd dance song: 《煞科》 followed by 《叮当》.

She left the stage for the Arrow Costumes, where she sang 1 song and another with Hanjin, followed by the Teletubby costume singing the remaining songs of the rundown.

The costume actually underwent a makeover during the 10 days..

Just when everybody was expecting the kind of encore Mi did on the last show of Show Mi back in 2007, she appeared on the stage with her band, dressed in funky rock costume, and did a rock version of 《插曲》 and 《哭泣游戏》. Both songs were actually very much demanded by fans to be sung in her concert, but to no avail. Especially after the 1st show, fans were lamenting about the lack of desirable songs. I guess Mi saw those comments and decided to do something for fans, just fans only. Not to say, the songs really brings the atmosphere to the 4th climax in the show.

And JUST when the audience thought the show was over with the encore, Mi appeared ONCE MORE for a 2nd unscheduled encore. Before that, snippets of Show Mi 2007 last show was screened, whereby Mi read the letter she wrote for herself. Promptly, she walked out singing Sherman’s 《给自己的信》. I couldn’t really catch the lyrics, due to the noise and my unfamiliarity with Cantonese, but it was a nice song indeed. Very touching.

Seeing that everyone was unwilling to leave, she sang the lala part of ‘I Will Survive’ and got the audience to la along with her, until she left the stage.



The show actually ended at 12:15 am, 30 more minutes than the original rundown, and fans got more than what we bargained for.

It was a night to remember.

For someone like me, who went to HK for the 1st time to watch Mi live in action.

The core of Mi Pilgrimage.

Saw Mi’s face on the shirt?? cute~

The pix were taken off the web; if the owners wish for the pix to be linked to his site, pls kindly inform and provide the link. Thank you.

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