Love Mi Pilgrimage – Genting

This is it. My long-delayed post on my Mi Pilgrimage Leg 2 – Genting, KL. OK, it was more of KL than Genting, cos I only went up the hill for about 4 hours as compared to the 3D2N I spent over in KL itself.

My hotel was called Citin Masjid Hotel, ‘Citin’ being the name of the chain of the hotel and ‘Masjid’ referring to the area it was in. Accordingly, ‘Masjid’ meant temple in Tamil, which meant that I was staying in the Little India of KL, aka Masjid Jamek. Not bad, considering that I knew all the while where I would be heading.

I found the budget hotel on the net, after surfing through websites like Trip Advisor (true or not, you decide). In all, I thought that was a decent hotel I found. I mean, with just S$44 a night, I get a normal room with a queen sized bed. Yes, the room was just enough for The Bed, and a study table. But why would I need so much space for a place I am going to spend only my sleeping time in? The bed was good enough 🙂

Hotel behind bazaar

chic designs..

As you can see, the kinky part of the hotel was that the bathroom door was made of frosted glass. Thank goodness I was alone on this trip lol I was even kinky enough to leave the bathroom door open while I showered, so I can have the view of… the main door. ah… I did lock my door.

Another perk about the hotel was how their decor was in green. LIME GREEN to be exact. I don’t remember when I started to like lime green, but since uni days, it had been my fav colour 🙂

The downside was of cos the location, as complained on Trip Advisor. It was smacked in the middle of a bazaar, which could get quite noisy at night. But after going to India itself, well, that little din was… little. It is funny, however, that in order to get to the hotel’s main entrance, you will have to burrow your way through the bazaar.

The other downside was then the bad sound insulation. Halfway through my 1st night, I was awakened by the sound of screaming. I then realized it was from next door… And it was not screaming, but ecstatic pleas of, ‘Oh you fucker! Don’t stop NOW~~!!’. Apparently, my neighbour enjoyed sex quite a lot. Early next morning, they did it again. That night, one more time. Before I went out on my 2nd morning, 2 times.


Looking out from the shower stall

I arrived at KL dead in the middle of the night, thanks to the 8pm flight to accommodate my insistence on not taking the day off. It was actually not that late when I reached KL LCCT – 9.30pm. The shuttle bus (which would cost less if I bought the tix at the counter there rather than online at home) left half an hour later, and I subsequently reached the city at about 11.30pm.

The ‘bus sentral’ (apparently a transport hub of KL) was already a dead town. And being on my own the 1st time in such a sleazy-looking place, I was quite flustered. My original plan was to take the LRT to my hotel 2 stops down, and I had to do that before the last train left. But the problem was, I could not find the entrance to the desired line. Blame it on the bad signage. Even the entrance of the line was discretely labelled and I wondered why. I had to wander through the station 3 times before I found that teeeeny weeeeny turnstiles.

The train sucked too. The sign said the train would arrive in 3 minutes. Or perhaps I did not understand Malish, cos the train came only 15 minutes after I stepped onto the platform. Disappointing.

When I emerged from my destination stop, I was stunned. The place was DEAD. Man… Wasn’t there supposed to be a bazaar? It looked like the place was swamped by zombies. Tugging at my luggage (actually it was on my shoulders), I took a short 5-minute walk to the hotel and voila! Only the lights at the counter was turned on (and the door was locked by the lone security guard).

Checking in was a breeze (thankfully) and I managed to get the free access to Wi-Fi as mentioned in the net. Nice ~

My next day’s itinerary was actually quite simple: Shopping => Concert. Considering how under-developed the shopping industry in Malaysia was, I expected the malls to open only at about noon. So I had a late breakfast before I waltzed my way out of my hotel and proceeded to this mega mall (I forgot the name) a few stops down. OK, I still had to transit at that infamous central station, or at another stop. But apparently, that mall was in the vicinity of my hotel, just that the 2 stops weren’t connected by a single line. Think Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut.

The shopping was nice. They had a huge replica of Alice in Wonderland in the central plaza. There was so much to see. I ended up buying things like a pair of jeans and a shirt. haha!! Not very much cheaper than SG, but since I was there already, why not?

I planned to go back to hotel, wash up and then proceed up to Genting by that Genting bus. Unfortunately, shopping got the better of me and I had to take a cab up. The taxi driver was a bastard. For bringing me ‘halfway up’ (to the cable car station), he charged me S$90. For bringing me all the way up, he charged S$200, and the distance between the 2 was only a 10-min ride. But oh well, I was not THAT late, so I took the $90 offer.

That gave me a chance to take the cable car up. OK, that was actually part of my plans. Going up on shuttle was Plan A, going up by taxi then cable was Plan B. I actually prepared enough money for Plan C, that was to go all the way up by cab. The cab, well… was stinky and old and shaky and dirty (none compared to the one I took in India on our way back to SG). When it climbed up the hill, I had half the mind to jump off and help the driver push that cab. haiz…

I was actually well before time for the concert. Plan A would take me 2 hours, but Plan B only 45 min. I actually had time to collect my ticket, test my return route and lingered at the arena entrance to buy goodies.

Oh… Well, I also had plans to catch the last bus down to that central station. But I needed to know how to get to the Genting bus terminal straight after the concert ended (at 11pm, I hoped) and get there before the bus left at 11.30pm. Thank goodness I did the test, cos I was told to buy the ticket beforehand lest it got sold out.

This very important signage stood at a very crucial junction between the terminal and the walkway to Genting, but I never had time to take a good look at it. Blame it on the rush and crowd in the day.

The concert was disappointing, thanks to the bad audio equipment, Mi’s voice was lost a few times. The security was absurdly unreasonable by disturbing spectators. They actually shone laser lights into people’s eyes for them to comply!! well…

My return plan was smooth, in fact, I had time to calm down and wait for the bus. haha… It felt weird to be there, cos the place was bathed in this mist that was so thick, one could not see far. Which was why I was glad I took the test run earlier, cos walking through the fog at night would definitely be harrowing.

The trip down the hill was serene, since there were not much street lights in Malaysia, and bus rocked me to the rythm of soothing tunes. Reaching the Sentrat Station again dead in the night (this time even more dead; the last train was gone), I had to take a cab back to my hotel. Thank goodness I did a research beforehand, so I did not get chopped carrot too much by the driver to drive me the distance from Orchard to Tanjong Pagar..

1 day worth of shopping..

My next morning (before I checked out) was actually spent on sightseeing, also in consideration that the malls won’t be opened that early. I took trips up and down the line to ‘see’ some places… Like Kampong Bahru in KL. haha!! hey, I grew up in that area, surely I need to check out its twin in KL, right? But oh… I only stood at the door and took that picture of the sign, considering how unreliable the train timings in KL were, I did not want to risk wasting my time waiting for the next train.

My ultimate aim and highlight was to go see the Petronas Towers, just a few stops away. But I got out from the wrong exit and ended up walking on the streets just to get around to the front of the towers.

I didn’t manage to get up onto the observation decks, cos I didn’t plan to and when I did want to go up, the tickets were sold out, at like 10am. wow… Like it was very popular. For Taipei 101… I could get up even at 3pm.

The mall at Petronas Towers was also decent enough for walking around. It was too big and my feet hurt from all the walking the day earlier, so I only explored the 1/3 of the mall nearest to the train station. I guess Malaysian malls were good for female shoppers (given their selection), but it was also good enough for me to hang around and chill. Provided I am in the area… Not for the next 5 years, I suppose.

I don’t think my trip back was worth a lot of words. Like I mentioned in my India trip post, KL LCCT (now that I had the time to wait around and observe the place) was a screwed up place. Yes, it was bigger than our own BT and yes, it had more shops and hence busier than BT, but it was a screwed up place nonetheless. I could not find the counter to check in to my flight (so I had to do self-check in) and there were endless security checks (you expect people with evil intentions to be able to get their hands on a bomb in between the security checks? Then it must be the security that was problematic). The place was not planned properly, so I had to go up, come down, go up, turn here and there…. before I got to the waiting area of my flight. And the whole place was D.I.R.T.Y. haiz…

Don’t mention that my flight was delayed. Air Asia, minus one.

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 27 Jun 2010

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