The Mi Pilgrimage: Mi Goodies

On the night I camped out, I did not just sit around and take pictures. One of the other things I did, as I mentioned earlier, was to rearrange my ‘war trophies’ (and taking pictures with them..).

Yes, I had to squeeze one table of things into ONE Le Coq Sportif bag, and ONE shopping bag..

Here is a list of my trophies:

  • x3 Hope Boxset
  • x3 Mi and 咪(猫咪) Towels
  • x2 Faith Hope Love T-shirt
  • x2 Eye Shades with Mi’s Nike eyebrows
  • x1 Faith Album Poster
  • x1 Love Mi Poster
  • x1 Faith Hope Love Carrying Bag
  • x2 Concert Balloon
  • x1 Pink Light Stick

That space was for my waist pouch, cos I could only carry 2 loose bags on plane mah..

The things that filled up my bag (and was darned heavy) were the 3 boxsets. One of them already weighed a tonne 1 kg. They were precious… Not one of Mi’s albums had such a glam packaging as Hope Boxset.

Each boxset contained the following:

  • Mi’s new book 《值得》
  • CD that contained: 《叮叮当》、《长恨歌》、《捉迷藏(粤、国版)》
  • DVD that contained MVs of the CD’s songs
  • Mi Photo Album
  • Red Heart Pin
  • Postcards x3
  • Bookmark
  • Poster-sticker (A3 size with small stickers on it)
  • Hope Poster
  • Lyrics Book

Now you know why it weighed so darned heavy??

The boxset reminisced the days when I would buy Mi’s latest album and open them in anticipation. I would be so eager to see the inside of the CD case that I would tear open the packaging on the short bus ride between Tiong Bahru Plaza and home. Those days were gone, interestingly, but revived by Hope.

I was so tempted to open the packaging right at the Pacific Coffee Company inside HKIA departure hall, but I refrained from it. One, the external environment may ‘contaminate’ the contents (crumbs, dust, I did not wash my hands with soap, so I would leave fingerprints, etc). Because of the above, I could not spread the items out and take pictures of them one by one, or to savour them individually. Three, I would be so excited I would not be able to sleep on the way back home.

But it was all worth it. In the comfort of my room, I explored the contents with glee. Much glee. PLENTY OF GLEE. heehee~

Official Photos of Hope Boxset

Faith, Hope, Love on the wall in my room respectively. Faith had since dropped off in the middle of the night.

I happily pasted the 3 posters on my wall. OK, the Love Mi poster was a ‘fake’. It was one of those flyers that the little gals at the entrance handed me, in addition to the balloon sticks. The original Love Mi poster I bought was humongous (even larger than Faith poster) and after a night of hiatus and a flight under the seat, its corners were dog-eared. I would have to buy a new one when Mi comes to SG.

And now introducing was Mi’s new book 《值得》. I had thought it was a compilation of the columns she wrote for 《明报周刊》 over the years. I had thought it was a small, thin book. But I was wrong. It was heavy. Some 270 pages of it. The contents were mainly new. It contained pictures done by Mi. It was.. ya…Worth It.

Is there a hidden meaning? 15 years ago, when she released her 1st Mandarin album, it was called 《值得》. Then and now, she wore a red coat, topped with red hair. hmmm…

Anyways, the book is now available in HK. haha… and on Perhaps in the near future, the book will be available in SG, either before CNY, or when Mi comes for her concert in Apr this year.

A good coffee table book, I suppose. Cos the chapters were short easy to read 🙂

Get it. It’s Worth It.

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 13 Jan 2010

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