The Mi Pilgrimage: Night of Reflections

I would say this trip is not plainly a ‘see sammi in action’ trip. It was an experiential trip in itself. It was the first time that I ventured out of my comfort zone, to a place I had never been to, all by myself. No friends. No family.

With some research on wiki, I hopped on, not onto the Airport Express, but the airport shuttle, so that I can board the normal MTR one stop away, in order to savour local flavour, as well as to save some bucks (th0ugh I realized later that I still spent a bit more, like $20, on the trip into town).

Although the only HK streets I walked was the ones around HK Coliseum, I walked the underground of HK main island as well as the major MTR interchanges. I explored the underground malls of HK hehe… in search of dinner, only to have settled in the McDonald’s outside Hung Hom, eating Ebi Burger. I had wanted to buy the Double Pork Burger, since it would have been a crazy idea to think of eating it back in SG, I could not find the English name of the item. With my cantonese still raising eyebrows (and question marks), I stopped short of the idea.

I also boarded the taxi, joining the massive queue outside Hung Hom. I was able to cross Tsing Ma Bridge… at night. No seaviews, but it was the 1st time in my life that I crossed a suspension bridge of this size, so up close.

And throughout my life, I had camped out at various parts of NUS, camped out in Pulau Tekong and various open spaces in army camps, but this was the 1st time I camped out in HKIA, somewhere so foreign, so open and so far away from home. And I’m not talking about the transit area, but the public area, cos by the time I reached the airport at 1 plus, the customs and what-nots were all closed. After exploring the whole length of the departure hall at night (didn’t go down to arrival hall, which I had been to in the afternoon, cos I didn’t want to offload my stuff and carry them all around).

It was my first flight delay and, given normal times, I would have been so fed up and what not. Perhaps due to the training from my job, that little delay (3-hours of it) did not stir me up. But perhaps with a little more delay, such that my Mi Pilgrimage would be affected, would cause some disturbance. hehe..

This would eventually be the bench that I laid on to sleep..

In the 1st entry, I was saying that due to my flight delay, my RnR time was sacrificed. Still, I managed to squeeze into the transit area the 1st moment I had and went to a shop selling something I deemed rather local: Lor Mai Kai!!

hehe… It actually tasted like one of my favourite SG food: Nonya Dumpling, except that in my Lor Mai Kai, there was no pork but chicken 🙂 It must be very interesting to see me get so excited over this.. Every week, my mum would buy LMK from some kopitiam (those with the glass steamer), which was made from some factory. The rice would be tough, the chicken dry, the taste disgusting and everything oily.

But the LMK I had was tasty… It had mushrooms, shrimps, sausages and chicken shreds PLUS one chicken wing at the bottom. The taste was naturally put together by the ingredients, not some artificial flavouring and the chicken was soft and tender. It really perked my day 🙂 The Century Egg Porridge that came with it was so-so, though. Bland. But perhaps it was due to the burst of flavours I had for the LMK. heehee*

The only HK-ish food I had, for breakfast. The lor mai kai really tasted way better than what we have in SG, although I bought this at a franchised store.

So in all, my trip had been a very fulfilling one. In fact, if you ask me to go HK once again, I won’t mind, cos I’m not strange to it anymore. Just that, well, like I’ve always said before, there was nothing there for me to make a special trip again 🙂

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 11 Jan 2010

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