The Mi Pilgrimage: Hung Hom High High High

The concert started at 9pm, very much later than the 8.15pm slated. But it was all worth the wait 🙂

Halfway through, some security guard demanded I go off with him cos he saw me taking pictures (like I was the only one like that). I knew his job’s demanding (I work in the security line also what), so I just deleted the stuff I took in front of him (how could I just leave my precious stuff unattended to go with him??). After all, I can always recover the deleted files back home (I’m doing it as I type). The only downside was that he spoilt my viewing pleasure; he chose the highest moment to interrupt me.

Oh… it’s OK. He’s not Mi’s fan, so he does not understand. But I know very well that he will be rolled over by a reversing crane within the next 7 days. Or a gigantic signboard (hopefully with Love Mi poster on it) will fall on him.

The consequence of disrupting a Mi Pilgrimage.

Sea of pink with and without light

cos of the disruption, I did not take much photos later on; instead, I would be showing BETTER pix taken by others over the 10-day concert.

The initial part of the concert was just like the first 9 days of the show, except that being at Ground Zero physically was a real different sort of experience. Like before the opening, everyone was like calling for mi to come out; in SG, people were waiting quietly for the show to start. When the lights dimmed, the atmosphere was ecstatic. In replacement of the balloon sticks, the pre-arranged (and sold with exclusivity outside Hung Hom) pink light sticks dotted the arena like stars in the sky.

What comes after was the almost fanatic (else why called ‘fans’?) chant and rythmic waving of the light sticks in unison.

After the usual opening, came the 1st touching moment, listening to Mi sing Live her old ballads with a cheena twist. No, it was not the cheena twist that was touching, it was her voice. In this segment, she sang 《不来的季节》、《值得》、《娃娃看天下》 and 《长恨歌》, I still liked her rendition of 《长恨歌》 in Show Mi Again in Genting (Oct 2008), where she sang the song in public for the 1st time.

The next segment was an English oldies medley, where she sang ‘I Will Survive’ in a combination of other songs. Quite entertaining, but not very exciting lol

After that, was her Gospel segment, where the whole ‘ceiling stage’ was lowered for a secondary stage. She sang songs from her new album Faith, depicting a story of Lost, Hope and Faith.


Following that was another slow ballad segment, this time she sang 《回来我身边》、《恰似你的温柔》 and 《不要惊动爱情》, of which the 1st and last song were my favourite. She wore that pink plastic bag costume, sitting under a giant desk lamp.

Then, it was time for the special guests, which were the ‘Big 4’ consisting of Andy Hui, William So, Dicky Cheung and Liang Han Wen. Those guys were funny, cos after promoting their concert in Mar, they promptly left the stage, without singing, without letting Mi go off the stage to change into her next costume. Mi was of cos shocked, cos she did not expect that. She then led the audience to call them out.

When they next appeared, each of them were wearing one of the costumes that Mi wore before that segment. William was like saying he chose the hat cos he could not fit into the other props (Mi was like: if not why I go on diet?), Liang then asked Mi where she put her hand when she wore that prickly thing on her waist. Dicky then quipped that the hair made him feel like having hair again..

All of them then made Mi close her eyes for a gift they prepared for her. They then sang ‘Amazing Grace’, and then got the whole audience to hum along. That made Mi cry once again.

Finally, she left the stage for them, who sang 《干一杯》, the song that Mi sang the night she won 3rd place in the singing competition. Amazing. 3rd place, but now an undying diva. No. 1 female singer in HK. woo~~!!

Then, Mi appeared for her last dancing segment.

Where she kicked…

did burpees, push ups and sang while arching her back. Then, she did the ULTIMATA of the concert: TRUST FALL.

The photo looked like nothing, but it was harrowing to see it Live. The pit in the stage was 3m deep and almost immediately after she fell, the lights went out, accentuating the effect.

As soon as she disappeared, the stage rose again with her coming for the 3rd dance song: 《煞科》 followed by 《叮当》.

She left the stage for the Arrow Costumes, where she sang 1 song and another with Hanjin, followed by the Teletubby costume singing the remaining songs of the rundown.

The costume actually underwent a makeover during the 10 days..

Just when everybody was expecting the kind of encore Mi did on the last show of Show Mi back in 2007, she appeared on the stage with her band, dressed in funky rock costume, and did a rock version of 《插曲》 and 《哭泣游戏》. Both songs were actually very much demanded by fans to be sung in her concert, but to no avail. Especially after the 1st show, fans were lamenting about the lack of desirable songs. I guess Mi saw those comments and decided to do something for fans, just fans only. Not to say, the songs really brings the atmosphere to the 4th climax in the show.

And JUST when the audience thought the show was over with the encore, Mi appeared ONCE MORE for a 2nd unscheduled encore. Before that, snippets of Show Mi 2007 last show was screened, whereby Mi read the letter she wrote for herself. Promptly, she walked out singing Sherman’s 《给自己的信》. I couldn’t really catch the lyrics, due to the noise and my unfamiliarity with Cantonese, but it was a nice song indeed. Very touching.

Seeing that everyone was unwilling to leave, she sang the lala part of ‘I Will Survive’ and got the audience to la along with her, until she left the stage.



The show actually ended at 12:15 am, 30 more minutes than the original rundown, and fans got more than what we bargained for.

It was a night to remember.

For someone like me, who went to HK for the 1st time to watch Mi live in action.

The core of Mi Pilgrimage.

Saw Mi’s face on the shirt?? cute~

The pix were taken off the web; if the owners wish for the pix to be linked to his site, pls kindly inform and provide the link. Thank you.

Post was originally put up on my main blog on 09 Jan 2010

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