The Mi Pilgrimage: The Way To Hung Hom

For anyone with a HK singer as idol, it is almost a duty to attend at least one show that they put up at the HK Coliseum. Perhaps ‘duty’ is an understated word, especially for concerts put up by Mi. Cos given the kind of quality performance she puts up, in terms of hardware or software, NOT attending the show ‘live’ in HK is a loss to anyone who yearns to watch quality shows.

For me, it was both.

Ever since I watched Sammi X Live ’96 on VCD about 12 years ago, I made a decision to watch mi’s concert ‘live’. But given my limited ‘cash’, I could only fulfill the wish in 2007, when she came to SG for Show Mi. In between the 10 years, I already had the resolution to watch her concert ‘live’ in HK some day… When I have the ability.

This year, with a stable job and mi making a comeback, I had NO reason to miss the show at all. So, armed with my big Le Coq Sportif bag (to bag those souvenirs I aimed to buy outside the Coliseum), I flew all the way to HK to fulfill my childhood teenage dream 🙂

Just like any other trip that has significant meaning, mi pilgrimage is fraught with events. Right from the start, my flight was delayed for 3 hours. Although I had made plenty of allowance for uncertainties, the 3 hours delay did make me worry a bit. Funnily, the 3 hours was the amount of RnR I planned for myself. It just meant that this trip was made up of only Love Mi and nothing more 🙂

Before the trip, I kept telling others that since HKIA was ranked one of the best airports in the world, I would be able to navigate it well. Well, I must say that there really is a reason why Changi is No 1 in the world. HKIA’s airport is badly designed, not just architecturally but also in terms of passenger usage. The toilets were not well-maintained and the LRT had a musty smell, like they never changed the filter for 30 years. Although the signage was good, but having passengers to walk all over the shop (for arrival and departure) just to do ONE thing (get to customs) meant only that there was a design fault. HKIA does not deserve to be ranked among the top.

Before the trip, I also read up and decided not to take the Airport Express. Instead, I would take the less expensive shuttle to a nearby MTR station and have a look at HK’s less touristy sights. Well… HK’s less touristy sights were really sad-looking. haha… I’m not saying SG’s heartlands look wow, but… that meant my bus ride was a bit boring. The buildings looked dull and the streets looked boring. Even their skyscraper-flats does not look at all glam. hmmm…

Going downtown was swift. The MTR stations were well-labelled (though I must say making me walk so long at interchanges was a bad idea). Due to time constraints, I could not drop by Causeway Bay and walk its streets, but walking through the underground malls in-between the stations was enough of an eye-opener — there was no difference from SG’s. What they have, we also have. No point go all the way there for shopping.


I was ‘deceived’ by the map, thinking that the exit I took was the longer one. Instead, I was shocked to find myself walking right into HK Coliseum’s doorstep.

I went right to the souvenir booth to place my orders. I had expected a long queue, but there was actually no one there, so I was able to make my purchase in a jiffy. In fact, I had so much time I could arrange my stuff on the spot and decided I needed to buy a Love Mi bag to stuff all my purchases inside.

This is actually what I looked like AFTER the concert, before the last arrangement..

And since I had made concession for queuing up at the souvenir booth, and there was no queue, I had ample time to walk around, buy one light stick, walk to a nearby hotel entrance to arrange my stuff, walk to Mac’s to have dinner (ya… ALL THE WAY to HK to eat Mac… So I chose Ebi Burger). Down there, I rearranged my stuff again, then walked back to Hung Goon, sat down and watched the people dressed to the nines to watch the concert (the concert tix in SG are more expensive, but SG-eans just don’t dress up) and then went in half an hour early to… rearrange my stuff. Bo bian… bought too many things liaoz and although the bag I bought was big enough to carry everything, it was very filmsy and user-unfriendly.


Post was originally put up on my main blog on 05 Jan 2010

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