Faith by Sammi Released

No, I have not got my hands on the album yet, and so, yes, I can’t really criticize the album 🙂 yup, even though half of the album’s numbers were already made known for more than 2 months back, I would only like to make a review only when I get to listen to the whole album. Right now, I am only creating awareness of this new album just for Mi.. 😉

This is actually a Christian album, made up of songs that exalt God or to ‘teach’ people on how to be find happiness and share happiness. Perhaps it’s more of the teaching part. Mi, from the announcement of the plan of producing this album, was saying that she hoped to use such songs to relate to people who also went through a period of darkness just like she did.

As mentioned, this album is part of a bigger ‘Comeback’ project called Faith.Hope.Love ( ä¿¡ . 望 . 爱 ). Faith, is the newly released album. Hope, is a compilation of the singles she released during her stay in East Asia Music (Songs like Mi, 剑雪 ). This compilation was touted to be released before X’mas (though this may not be realizable now, considering how Faith was postponed by nearly a month). Love, well, is the concert that I’ll be going to watch: Love Mi.

More than a month ago, Mi had a mini concert where she sang songs from her new album. Apparently (I was not there, and the information wrt the contents were rather vague, with fans only screaming ‘So nice!!’ and nothing else), most of the songs from the new album were ‘released’. But officially, in which CD quality of the songs were released online, only a few can be considered. Like 《罪与罚》、《信者得爱》 and 《结果》. ( 《叮叮当》, which was released about 3 months ago, is actually slated to be included in Hope) Official MVs of 《罪与罚》、《信者得爱》 and Forgiveness (English version of 《罪与罚》) was also made public.

《信者得爱》 MV is the best to off the MVs to be released, although I felt it could have been better. This song would be the theme song of Love Mi.

Like I mentioned in my FB, I found it interesting to see a parallel between the MV and my life. Mi sang to the wall and it opened up; I talk to the walls (intercom) everyday and the door opens up. This sort of adds strength to the long-held reason why I think Mi resonate with me 🙂

《罪与罚》: I did not like this MV, cos I think it was done quite slipshod. The song was very nice and inspiring, but it was spoilt by the MV. I don’t know if they wanted to accommodate the rappers (24 Herbs), but I still think that Mi being the Cantopop Queen, should not have given way…

Being the English version of 《罪与罚》, the MV was largely the same. The unique thing about this song was that I heard this song only when the MV was released. I was quite disappointed with the rapping. hmmm… Hongkongers doing English rap? That was a very WRONG decision *Forgive them for they don’t know what they do…*

Luckily, there was Mi’s vocals that supported the whole song. Whenever the song transited to her singing, there was a feeling of transiting from hell to heaven… And I liked the way she continued the ‘slide’ of notes at the bridge, which I also felt was the ‘climax’ of the song.


That’s all for the ‘preview’ of Faith, by Sammi. When I do get my hands onto the album, I will continue..

Post was originally put up at my main site on 12 Dec 2009


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